About Us

Our Mission

VCC Cares Foundation is dedicated to supporting and partnering with other nonprofit organizations focused on charitable or religious purposes, or that address imperative community needs in the areas of human services and animal welfare. We work with nonprofit organizations nationwide to build excellent futures in local communities.

VCC Cares Foundation operates as a 501(c)(3) organization exclusively for charitable purposes.

Our Work At A Glance

VCC Cares Foundation was started by VCC, LLC, a general contractor with 9 offices across the country. Since 2014, VCC Cares has partnered with charities nationwide in an effort to give back to our communities. Through raising funds, donating time, and dedicating resources, we are committed to helping those in need.

We know that caring goes far beyond just talking about it—it requires action. We have partnered with children’s charities, veteran’s charities, women and children charities, animal rescues, and so much more.

Our site will give you a flavor of the different charities and organizations we are partnering. You can also find the various events we are holding and how you can get involved. Join us in making a difference.